Beds provide Dwarves with a comfortable place to sleep. The more comfortable a bed is, the quicker a dwarf becomes well rested.

Image Name Happiness Comfort Cost
Stone Bed Stone Bed x1 x1 20 Stone
Straw Bed Straw Bed x2 x1 40 Wealth + 20 Wood
Roundtable Bed Roundframe Bed x2 x2 100 Wealth + 100 Wood
Comfy Bed Comfy Bed x3 x3 150 Wealth + 150 Wood
Dwarven Bed of Past Glory Dwarven Bed of Past Glory x3 x5 20 Marble + 25 Tourmaline
Lordy Bed Lordly Bed x4 x5 50 Wealth + 50 Marble
Draconic Bed Draconic Bed x8 x5 100 Wealth + 20 Dreadstone