The city page

Clicking on this in the lower right of the game window opens the Hemsfort window

Dwarves don't just pop out of rocks, but they do come from the main dwarven city Hemfort. Hemfort also buys and trades with other forts and cities for supplies. When a player needs to sell excess supplies or recruit more dwarves they have to open the menu option for Hemsfort.



Dwarfling QueueEdit

The Dwarfling Queue on the left is how a player may request more dwarves to come to the settlement. A total of five Dwarflings can be requested at a time. The total number of dwarves is limited by your Spawning Pool. The more Joy a settlement has, the faster the new Dwarflings will arrive.

Spawning Pool UpgradeEdit

The Spawning Pool upgrade on the right is how a player can upgrade their Spawning Pool by use of Wealth.

Trade With HemsfortEdit

Should a player find themselves with an overabundance of resources, or find themselves needing more, they can buy and sell directly with Hemsfort. They need simply click a button to buy 10 or sell 10 of any Resource. By holding the Shift Key a player can buy or sell 100 resources at a time.

Wood Stone Tourmaline Iron Marble Obsidian Titanium Dreadstone Dragonforce
Buy Price for 10 Units 5 5 40 50 100 200 250 500 1000
Buy Price for 100 Units
Sell Price for 10 Units
Sell Price for 100 Units