The dwarves are the central piece in A Game of Dwarves. Without them there is no game. They inhabit the player's fort, and the player's avatar itself is in fact one of them, the dwarven Prince. Dwarves are also divided into various classes which determines their role in the fort. They spawn as Dwarflings, but may be upgraded to various other classes at the cost of resources.

Spawning and Keeping DwarvesEdit

Players normally start with a small number of dwarves in their settlement. One of them is always the Prince, the players avatar. The rest of them varies by the scenario.

Spawning New DwarvesEdit

New dwarves are spawned from the Hemfort interface. This has no cost, but keep in mind that all dwarves have needs, so don't spawn any or too many until you have enough food for example to sustain them. A newly spawn dwarf is knows as a Dwarfling. You can queue up to 5 dwarflings to be spawned from the Hemfort.

You can only spawn dwarves up to your settlement's population cap. To increase your population cap you must upgrade your Spawning Pool. This is done from the Hemfort Interface too, but it costs a lot of wealth.

Banish DwarvesEdit

You may remove, or kick out a dwarf from your fort. You do this by using the "sell" tool on him.

A Dwarf's NeedsEdit

Dwarves have 3 major needs. If these are not met, the Clan will collapse, leave the fort or in worst case scenario die. Each need is satisfied in a different way. The basic needs are:

  • Energy
  • Hunger
  • Joy


Energy is the dwarves' stamina, their ability to keep doing things without falling asleep or collapsing. Dwarves continuously loses energy over time, but at an increased rate of they are working or fighting. To regain energy, dwarves must sleep. They can do this anywhere, but in a bed is very much preferred. Sleeping on the ground without sleeping bags (available in the tech tree) damages joy, and even if the dwarves have sleeping bags available, sleeping in beds is always preferred since it restores energy faster.

Another method of regaining energy is utilizing chairs. While not absolutely necessary, placing a couple can ensure that your idling dwarves will not take up another dwarves bed when they are very tired. Take note of this because you are bound to have some idling dwarves time to time, so prepare for it or else your other dwarves might become unhappy.


Hunger is how well fed the dwarves are. This need is continuously reduced at a fixed rate at all times. If a dwarf's hunger reaches 0, the dwarf starves to death. The last 10 hunger is lost at a slower rate though, but a dwarf at this level of hunger is in dire need of nutrition. Dwarves eat from tables as long as there are food available in the player's stockpile. Running out of food is therefore a major crisis, since this will cause all your dwarves to starve.

Farming is the only way to get more food, so place a couple workers at your closest fertilization stone ASAP. You can pop down a couple plants to start harvesting. Different plants can provide various amounts of food.


Joy is a collective need between all dwarves. This is how happy your dwarves are. The more dwarves you have, and the higher level they are, the more joy will they require. If joy drops too low, dwarves will start moving away from your settlement, never to come back. Increase joy by building objects that increase settlement joy.

This varies from placing wall or floor tiles, constructing better quality furniture, or decorating your domain with a copious amount of knick knacks. Each item has a different amount of joy it brings to your settlement, consider this while building.

Dwarf Health and DeathEdit

All dwarves also have a health value. Health increases as the dwarf level up and varies by class. Health is lost when a dwarf suffers damage from enemies and is regained when the dwarf sleeps. Would a dwarf's health drop to 0, or if the dwarf for another reason is killed (through starvation most likely), it is dead. Leaving nothing but a gravestone behind to show an indicator of where it happened.

Dwarven ClassesEdit

Dwarves are spawned as a Dwarfling. Dwarflings fills no role in the settlement, but their curiosity makes them gain experience, and through that level up, over time. Dwarflings can then be upgraded to various classes at a cost. The cost to upgrade a dwarfling to another class varies by class. Tip: If you have already decided to which class you want to upgrade the dwarfling, but you have no use for that class right away, wait with upgrading it so that it gains as much experience as possible from its dwarfling curiosity before upgrading it. Other classes does not automatically gain experience unless they do something related to their class.

List of Dwarven ClassesEdit

Starter Class Basic Class Advanced Class Expert Class Master Class
Dwarfling Digger
Scholar Researcher
Military Fighter Berserker Slayer
Shield Bearer Immortal
Spear Thrower Grenadier Musketeer
Marksman Sniper