Mages, or humans as they are also called at times, apparently wield a powerfull art called magic. With this magice they control reality itself. Being able to conjure great balls of fire out of thin air or freeze you stuck to the ground makes them dangerous enemies.

It is unknown where they hail from, but right before the Great War they appeared in Helland after crossing the vast scorching desert in the north. They quickly picked a fight with the dwarves and would have easily won if not for the help of dragons. Using a massive spell, the mages managed to defeat even the great dragons. With only a few mages remaining, they still managed to win in the Great War and drive the dwarves almost completely from Vanaheim.

Since their victory, they have had almost every country of Vanaheim available to them to do who knows what.

Noteable MagesEdit


When the mages arrived from the north, they brought with them armies of these vicious and nasty creatures. Divided into Orcs and Goblins, they seem to hate everything that is beautiful and takes great fun in destorying and fighting.

Noteable Orcs/GoblinsEdit


There are many kinds of animals that can be found throughout Vanaheim. Some are peaceful, while others can be quite blood thirsty.

It is common to find animals such as moles, birds, wolves and meerkats throuhgout Vanaheim.


Gnomes are native to Vanaheim and generally only live as small families. They tend to be peaceful, and there has been many reports of dwarven clans living peaceful right next to gnome homes. But when someone steal or destroy anything that they own or like, they get really violent.


The Undead are a perverse experiment using dwarven artifacts to animate corpses. They are not much stronger than their real life counterparts, but are just as deadly.