The Elven Ruin

The Elven Ruin is the first level on Zone 4 - Vindhav East of the Campaign.


A former city of the elves during the beginning of the Great Kingdom. This was the biggest settlement the elves built outside of Mittland, and it was unique in the way it was built using minerals instead of only trees. It stretched high above the ground as well as below it.

The structures above ground were destroyed when the dwarves and elves forged an alliance. But many have long whispered of the rich treasures that are still hidden underground.

Main ObjectiveEdit

The Race to the Treasure

  • Find the treasure chamber.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

Dummy for training dummies

  • 15 Training Dummies Built

Treasure Caches

  • 7 Treasure Caches Found

Dig Where You Can't

  • 300 Umdigium Blocks Uncovered




  • Before dying, the Orc Shaman apologies to Red that he was unable to revenge his death
  • It is revealed in this level, that the Elves were actually slaves to the Dwarves during the Great War.